What makes Jerry so special each and every ‘tonight’ is a menu of characters seasoned with high energy and served in a way that can only be called hilarious and touching. Each character and sketch has its own point of view backed by the edge and vulnerability that makes up this veteran performer.

Jerry honed his performing skills in such diverse hot spots as New York City, Atlantic City, Los Angeles, and practically every Greyhound bus stop in between. He may have missed some of the smaller towns, but it seems as if any place equipped with an audio system has had his voice echoing off its fake brick wall.

In addition to his comedy appearances in clubs, concerts, colleges, corporate events, Jerry’s other career is acting. Included in his current list of employment, is a memorable co-starring role on “ “Seinfeld” and as one of the originators of the dramedy “Say Something Funny” which was produced at the Criterion Theater on New York’s Great White Way.

Such a diverse background is what makes his performances “special” each and every “tonight.” Like a master chef Jerry Diner can give an audience what they like , and is never afraid to stir up something new.

The story is simple and unique. Three comics go to Big Bear, CA for a hell gig and meet up with a serial killer.

Produced by Jerry Diner, written and directed by Scott LaRose, is an extraordinary feature film. Comedy Hell combines comedy and horror to create a new film genre: horromedy.

Click on to check out the trailer and buy this exciting romp into the unseen world of stand-up comedy. You will laugh til it really hurts!

The stars include Eric Roberts as the sheriff,Marty Rackham as the ‘headliner’, Owen Smith as the ‘middle headliner’ and Brian Dunkleman as the newbie emcee (got the job because he had a car). The talented Victoria Pratt is the love interest and you’ve got to check out her abs. Jim O’Heir, Justine Brandy, Justin Shenkarow and Michael Delouise round out this phenomenal ensemble… and wait until you meet Rick Overton as the crazed killer… he will invade your dreams and take over your nightmares.
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